Apply for a Passport or Birth Certificate

When applying for a job either with us or another employer you will asked for some identification such as a passport or full birth certificate. As an employer we can be fined upto £5,000 (and in some cases £10,000 for a very serious offence) if we employ an illegal immigrant. Employers have to ask all candidates not just people who look or sound ‘foreign’. The employer has to see original documents so sending a photocopy in the post or by email will not cut it.

We are sometimes presented with a driving licence as ID but unfortunately this is only a licence to drive and is not acceptable according to Home Office Rules.
Download our full list of acceptable documentation here.

But what if you don’t have a passport or full birth certificate? It is possible to easily apply for both online.

To apply for a birth certificate click here.

To renew or replace your passport click here.

To apply for a new passport click here.

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